Piano teaching // Revvv up time

During the day, I disguise myself as a piano teacher. My mission is to get the little (and not-so-little) fingers to move and make a tune on that giant keyboard-percussion instrument. The piano is a complex instrument. And more often than not, playing on it can be challenging, given that we have all these beautiful sounds in our heads but they.just.cant.come.out.right.

Which is actually a good thing. What is? Hearing music in our head. We are no Mozart. At least I’m sure I’m not. That dude had so much music in him he could probably write them in his sleep. Do we all have music in us? I’d like to believe so. On that premise, I strive to increase the appreciation of music in my students. If my students finish class loving music more than when they started, if they kept singing that tune we learnt, if they’re eager to show me how well they can play their songs – then I would consider that a good piano teaching day.

I’ve been teaching piano for 6 years now, concentrating on Petaling Jaya and its surrounding area up to Desa Parkcity. This year, I’ve set out to revvv up my piano studio with the following:

– be more organized

– play more games (because who likes to sit on that bench for 30 minutes EVERY week??)

– throw Piano Parties

– have a casual recital

And above all, have fun teaching and inspiring my students to love music!

*ppsstt….I know, I know. This is supposed to be a sewing blog. Oh well, Adrene teaches too 🙂