Handmade minion cushion covers

These minion cushion covers are up for grabs. They are 16 inches x 16 inches with an hidden zipper at the bottom. There are currently 3 pieces of one-eyed and 5 pieces of 2-eyed minions still available.

I’m trying to raise funds to further my studies in music pedagogy (my day job!). Hoping to go to US to do a music teaching course over the next few summers. But it will cost me at least USD15k. ūüė¶

If you’re keen to get these one-of-a-kind minion cushion covers, kindly¬†email to adrenesews@gmail.com. Thanks lots!

One-eyed minion cushion cover

One-eyed minion cushion cover

Two-eyed minion cushion cover

Two-eyed minion cushion cover

minion cushion zipper


Tutorial // DIY felt leather case or cover

diy felt leather case tutorial

P1100574 (1024x715)

My man’s birthday was last Saturday. Technically, he doesn’t have a birthday day this year. And last year. And the year before that.¬†Such is the life of a leap year baby. So¬†Olympic years¬†are extra special to him, and us.

After all the sewing I’ve done, I’ve never made him anything. Oh dear, NOTHING! Mending buttons and fixing loose shorts aren’t counted.

* Ugghh…I utterly dislike fixing and mending clothes. They are so … uhm … so uninteresting. Like sewing curtains. Bleh *

So this year, he gets something nice. Something fun, yet classy. A felt-leather case for his Surface.

This is my first tutorial so please bear with me.

DIY Felt leather case for tablets (in this case, a Surface)

supplies for felt leather case

These are the supplies needed. I decided to use a screw-on button stud instead of a magnet button as pictured.

felt leather case tutorial

felt leather case tutorial 2felt leather case tutorial 3felt leather case tutorial 4

Okaaayyyy. Making a tutorial is T-E-D-I-O-U-S. But on the bright side, I hope it helped you. Happy sewing!

Fabric wallet // Owls

black owl wallet 2

Owls wallet in black

I¬†first saw this owl¬†fabric on someone’s baby carrier. Golly! I’ve got to have that. Be honest. You’re like that too, aren’t you? The lust of the eyes is a very bad thing.

So when I saw this beautiful fabric up for¬†sale, I quickly snapped up a few yards. What’s not to like about bedazzled owls with colourful bodies? I made three of these for a friend’s charity initiative. Hoping their owners will love them lots.


black owl wallet 3 black owl wallet

If you’re keen to have one, hop over to my Etsy shop. An order just came in for one. Red borders and flap. Back to work. ūüôā

Valentine’s gift // LOVE cushion

If you haven’t made your V-day gift, run to your nearest craft store now. Like NOW! Quick! Get some fabric and fabric dye (or paint – they are slightly different). Make a stencil and paint it onto your fabric. Get your sewing machine out and start sewing. Make an envelope cushion cover. It’s the easiest cushion to sew. Hassle-free zipper-free.


love cushion 3

LOVE cushion on Etsy

Ok, so you didn’t make it with piping. So what? It was made with much love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Side Ruffled Pouch

My love for leather is ever increasing. Oh the smell! I could sit all day with a piece in hand, just sniffing away. There’s something luxurious about it – from the soft buttery lambskin to the firm strong vegetable-tanned cowhide. I probably know next to nothing about leather compared to the growing number of leather craftsmen all over the world. But what I do know is that a little bit of hide goes a long way in making something beautiful. Here are some¬†pouches I made some time back. I was experimenting with different ways of making a pouch and chanced upon a ruffled side. I kinda like it. What do you think?

Yellow pouch in cotton canvas and leather

Stripey pouch with leather bottom

Boys backpack Disney Cars

Phew. I finally completed my son’s backpack yesterday, bringing it to a total of about 7 hours over 2 days of planning, cutting and sewing.

One can never get enough of Lightning McQueen Disney Cars

One can never get enough of Lightning McQueen Disney Cars

After this attempt, I’m sure I can make another backpack in a shorter time. That’s the thing with prototypes. Many hours are needed to figure out how to make something a bit more complicated than a zipper pouch. I love watching¬†my son¬†carry this, especially next to the mass store-bought-China-made McQueen bags. Ah,¬†he would have loved that too, though. Give him anything McQueen and you’ll be his best bud…for now.

Faux leather red baby shoes

Back in November last year, I wanted to make something for my niece who was turning one. Why not cute little Mary Janes? Having made 2 pairs of fabric shoes, I decided to try out faux leather. Turned out pretty well, to me. I still need to figure out how to minimise bulk to have a more professional look on the inside.

red baby shoes

With great excitement, I rushed off to try them on the little one’s feet. Alas, they were a tad too small. ūüė¶ Will make bigger ones next time.