Fabric wallets

February is ending soon. Oh dear! Where have all my time gone to?


Seeing these finished products bring a smile to my face. Hope they brighten up your day too. Want one? Just send an e-mail to adrenesews@gmail.com



With 2013 coming to a close, I decided to revamp this site and try to make it more user-friendly for the new year ahead. There are a few things I need to get done:

1. Start blogging. I don’t consider myself a good writer, hence the silence after these 3 years of existence. A blog with no blogpost?!? What is that? Hehe. But I do want to share my experiences with all things sewing, so what better way than to blog about them. So yea, here I am. Pardon the occasional grammar mistakes.

2. Become a dotcom site. That means paying a small sum every year to WordPress. Well, it is a SMALL sum compared to hiring a website developer to build my own site.

3. Update often. I dislike sites that aren’t updated. Especially when it’s a blogshop. Post something. Anything. Just tell us potential buyers that you are still alive. And here I am, doing exactly that. HAH!

Ok, that’s enough to keep me busy. That’s the realist in me speaking.

For new comers visiting this site for the first time, do head over to my SHOP to browse for handmade items. Hopefully you will find something you like.