From one craft to another

Hi! I’m Adrene from Malaysia. Ever since my youth, I have had the opportunity to explore various creative avenues – mainly in performing arts. Being on stage – whether acting, singing or dancing (ok, so I’m not a great dancer) – is what I love. Armed with a degree in music, I started teaching music whilst being a part of a local Christian acting troupe. Best time of my life.

Then motherhood happened. And this is truly THE best time of my life. Being a mom has opened up new possibilities for me as I explore new craft forms. Sewing is one of them! I have always watched my mother sew when I was little, but never really trying it out. Til my son was born. I made my first sling and the rest, as they say, is history. I fell in love with sewing right away, exploring different patterns and textures, colors and design. Fresh fabrics with bold colors catches my attention instantly.

It’s a great pleasure of mine to make soft furnishings that fits everyone. Good quality materials are important for me so I use only the best available felt, softest poly fabric and 100% cotton for my cushion covers and pillows. Although due to the availability of colors, I have to sometimes resort to cotton blend fabrics.

My love for journaling coupled with a growing affection for leather gave birth to my journal series. Simple and functional, I strive to make journals using upcyled/reclaimed leather because they come with stories of their own. My hope is that with each journal, your story will be captured and treasured.

With a knack for adventure and exploration, I have a feeling my shop will continually be filled with a mix of various items. Some call it unfocussed. I call it creative serendipity.

Yes, I still teach music. And I hope to be back on stage real soon. And recently, I had the honor and opportunity to be a part of a local theatre play called “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”  🙂