Piano teaching // Batman song and worksheet for piano beginners

Last week, a student was talking about Batman and Joker mid-class, spilling out the actors names like Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson. Ok, he was more obsessed with the villain. I promised him we would do a Batman class this week. Here’s what I prepared for him for a 30 minute lesson. WARNING: There are crooked lines and unaligned words/notes. But after all the work I’ve put in, I couldn’t be bothered with them.

Batman worksheet

[pdf file here]

– to learn / reinforce the concept of intervals

– practice listening to the various intervals and how differently they sound

– transpose to 2 other key positions

batman worksheet

Batman worksheet for piano beginners

Batman theme song (1966)

[pdf file page 1 here and page 2 here]

I decided to arrange it this way so that it’s easy for students to read.

batman song

Batman theme song for piano beginners page 1

batman song 2

Batman theme song for piano beginners page 2

Hope this resource is helpful for you. If you used this, I would love to hear how your class went. Leave a comment below.


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