Rings for slings in Malaysia

Spread the ring sling love!

I had a great experience slinging my darling boy. Public nursing was a breeze with my trusted sling. And it sure helped to comfort him when he was upset. Am still slinging…this time, with number 2.

After making my first ring sling, friends wanted some for themselves. So I ordered extra of these colourful rings from Slingrings.com so that I can share it with you. These aluminium rings are made especially for baby wearing. I understand the dilemma of wanting only 1 or 2 pairs but not wanting to pay shipping from the States and waiting for 2 weeks.

So get a pair of rings and sew your own sling. Nothing beats handmade 🙂

RM20 for one pair of medium rings

RM25 for one pair of large rings

11 colors

Medium and Large sizes available

(Left – Right, Top – Bottom)

Black, Slate (only L), Silver;

Blue, Turquoise;

Bronze (only M), Gold (only M), Green (only L);

Purple (only L), Pink, Red (only L)


1. Slings – These light but sturdy rings are made especially for slings.
2. Bracelets – Jazz up your look with some color.
3. Teethers – Made from non-toxic material, they are safe for babies to bite on.

Any other ideas?

SIZE (Diameter in inches)

Small 2″ (inner); 2.5″ (outer)
Medium 2.5″ (inner); 3″ (outer)
Large 3″ (inner); 3.5″ (outer)

Left: Medium and Large rings

If you would like a pair, let me know at adrenesews@gmail.com


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