Handmade minion cushion covers

These minion cushion covers are up for grabs. They are 16 inches x 16 inches with an hidden zipper at the bottom. There are currently 3 pieces of one-eyed and 5 pieces of 2-eyed minions still available.

I’m trying to raise funds to further my studies in music pedagogy (my day job!). Hoping to go to US to do a music teaching course over the next few summers. But it will cost me at least USD15k. ūüė¶

If you’re keen to get these one-of-a-kind minion cushion covers, kindly¬†email to adrenesews@gmail.com. Thanks lots!

One-eyed minion cushion cover

One-eyed minion cushion cover

Two-eyed minion cushion cover

Two-eyed minion cushion cover

minion cushion zipper


Piano teaching // Batman song and worksheet for piano beginners

Last week, a student was talking about Batman and Joker mid-class, spilling out the actors names like Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson. Ok, he was more obsessed with the villain. I promised him we would do a Batman class this week. Here’s what I prepared for him for a 30 minute lesson. WARNING: There are crooked lines and¬†unaligned words/notes. But after all the work I’ve put in, I couldn’t be bothered with them.

Batman worksheet

[pdf file here]

– to learn / reinforce the concept of intervals

– practice listening to the various intervals and how differently they sound

– transpose to 2 other key positions

batman worksheet

Batman worksheet for piano beginners

Batman theme song (1966)

[pdf file page 1 here and page 2 here]

I decided to arrange¬†it this way¬†so that it’s¬†easy for students to read.

batman song

Batman theme song for piano beginners page 1

batman song 2

Batman theme song for piano beginners page 2

Hope this resource is helpful for you. If you used this, I would love to hear how your class went. Leave a comment below.

Tutorial // DIY felt leather case or cover

diy felt leather case tutorial

P1100574 (1024x715)

My man’s birthday was last Saturday. Technically, he doesn’t have a birthday day this year. And last year. And the year before that.¬†Such is the life of a leap year baby. So¬†Olympic years¬†are extra special to him, and us.

After all the sewing I’ve done, I’ve never made him anything. Oh dear, NOTHING! Mending buttons and fixing loose shorts aren’t counted.

* Ugghh…I utterly dislike fixing and mending clothes. They are so … uhm … so uninteresting. Like sewing curtains. Bleh *

So this year, he gets something nice. Something fun, yet classy. A felt-leather case for his Surface.

This is my first tutorial so please bear with me.

DIY Felt leather case for tablets (in this case, a Surface)

supplies for felt leather case

These are the supplies needed. I decided to use a screw-on button stud instead of a magnet button as pictured.

felt leather case tutorial

felt leather case tutorial 2felt leather case tutorial 3felt leather case tutorial 4

Okaaayyyy. Making a tutorial is T-E-D-I-O-U-S. But on the bright side, I hope it helped you. Happy sewing!

Fabric wallet // Owls

black owl wallet 2

Owls wallet in black

I¬†first saw this owl¬†fabric on someone’s baby carrier. Golly! I’ve got to have that. Be honest. You’re like that too, aren’t you? The lust of the eyes is a very bad thing.

So when I saw this beautiful fabric up for¬†sale, I quickly snapped up a few yards. What’s not to like about bedazzled owls with colourful bodies? I made three of these for a friend’s charity initiative. Hoping their owners will love them lots.


black owl wallet 3 black owl wallet

If you’re keen to have one, hop over to my Etsy shop. An order just came in for one. Red borders and flap. Back to work. ūüôā

Piano teaching // Revvv up time

During the day, I disguise myself as a piano teacher. My mission is to get the little (and not-so-little) fingers to move and make a tune on that giant keyboard-percussion instrument. The piano is a complex instrument. And more often than not, playing on it can be challenging, given that we have all these beautiful sounds in our heads but they.just.cant.come.out.right.

Which is actually a good thing. What is? Hearing music in our head.¬†We are no Mozart. At least I’m sure I’m not. That dude had so much music in him he¬†could probably write them in his sleep. Do we all have music in us? I’d like to believe so.¬†On that premise,¬†I strive to increase the appreciation of music in my students. If my students finish class loving music more than when they started, if they kept singing that tune we learnt, if they’re eager to show me how well they can play their songs – then I would consider that a good piano teaching day.

I’ve been teaching piano for 6 years now, concentrating on Petaling Jaya and its surrounding area¬†up to¬†Desa Parkcity. This year, I’ve set out to revvv up my piano studio with the following:

– be more organized

– play more games (because who likes to sit on that bench for 30 minutes EVERY week??)

– throw Piano Parties

– have a casual recital

And above all, have fun teaching and inspiring my students to love music!

*ppsstt….I know, I know. This is supposed to be a sewing blog. Oh well, Adrene teaches too ūüôā

Valentine’s gift // LOVE cushion

If you haven’t made your V-day gift, run to your nearest craft store now. Like NOW! Quick! Get some fabric and fabric dye (or paint – they are slightly different). Make a stencil and paint it onto your fabric. Get your sewing machine out and start sewing. Make an envelope cushion cover. It’s the easiest cushion to sew. Hassle-free zipper-free.


love cushion 3

LOVE cushion on Etsy

Ok, so you didn’t make it with piping. So what? It was made with much love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Rings for slings in Malaysia

Spread the ring sling love!

I had¬†a great experience slinging my¬†darling boy.¬†Public nursing was a breeze with¬†my trusted sling.¬†And it sure helped to comfort¬†him when he was upset. Am still slinging…this time, with number 2.

After making my first ring sling, friends wanted some for themselves. So I ordered extra of these colourful rings from Slingrings.com so that I can share it with you. These aluminium rings are made especially for baby wearing. I understand the dilemma of wanting only 1 or 2 pairs but not wanting to pay shipping from the States and waiting for 2 weeks.

So get a pair of rings and sew your own sling. Nothing beats handmade ūüôā

RM20 for one pair of medium rings

RM25 for one pair of large rings

11 colors

Medium and Large sizes available

(Left – Right, Top – Bottom)

Black, Slate (only L), Silver;

Blue, Turquoise;

Bronze (only M), Gold (only M), Green (only L);

Purple (only L), Pink, Red (only L)


1. Slings – These light but sturdy rings are made especially for slings.
2. Bracelets – Jazz up your look with some color.
3. Teethers – Made from non-toxic material, they are safe for babies to bite on.

Any other ideas?

SIZE (Diameter in inches)

Small 2″ (inner); 2.5″ (outer)
Medium 2.5″ (inner); 3″ (outer)
Large 3″ (inner); 3.5″ (outer)

Left: Medium and Large rings

If you would like a pair, let me know at adrenesews@gmail.com